What CMA asks of you

The requirement to join CMA is that you have a personal relationship with God through the death, burial and Resurrection of His only Son Jesus Christ. Being undeniably changed and being committed to being a “God pleaser” is the way we encourage people to live. CMA is not about religious rules but about being “sold out” to Jesus!

Our desire is to develop workers in God’s Kingdom. We ask for faithful, trustworthy believers who are willing to count the cost of real commitment to ride with us.

Each colour wearing member of CMA is required to be able to share his or her faith on a personal one to one basis. We do encourage that our riders do a riding skills course run by BRONZ (Ride Right Ride Safe), Ride Forever, or equivalent.

CMA Membership is renewable annually and the membership fee entitles each member to a newsletter, details of what’s happening in the Christian biker scene and the right to take part in the Annual General Meetings.

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