Taupo Chapter

Our Chapter Leader is: Gary Nant.
Kia Ora and Hi to all. My name is Gary Nant, I have been a Christian 30+ years, I love God and serving people wherever He has called me to. I began my love of riding motorbikes at the age of 5 years, when my mum and Dad bought me my 1st bike, and I have owned many since. For a while I didn’t own a road bike, but did ride on the farm and at some trail bike events. For the last 7 years I have had a road bike also, and even been out on a few track days. I have had the privilege of being in many leadership type roles in a work and recreational capacity over the years. CMA ticks all the boxes for me as a ministry, and I enjoy riding and fellowshipping with others, for a common purpose. I believe we are called to be the light and serve, minister, and witness to as many people as we can, and we all have a part to play. I look forward to many more years in this capacity.

Our Vice Chapter Leader is: Carl Chaytor.
Carl was drawn to the CMA ministry through his brother who was part of the West Auckland Chapter. The Lord provided a bike ( a Kawasaki Sports Tourer ) as Carl did not own one at the time. Carl was the first member in Taupo joined by his wife Jasmine about a year later. He has two children, one a CMA Youth Member and riding himself. Carl has a passion to serve through CMA and feels blessed to be able to ride for our lord impacting both motorcyclists and non motorcyclists alike.

Our Secretary is: Evelyn Preston.

Our Treasurer is: Jasmine Chaytor.
Jasmine became a Christian in her late teens.  Although Jasmine does not have a passion for motorcycles, being brought up in a non-Christian, single-parent family she has developed a passion for supporting youth at risk.  Within CMA this translates to being of support for the biker’s whanau and also providing a support role for the group.  Jasmine has youth-work qualifications and 10 years experience as a volunteer in various administration and leadership roles within Scouts. 

Our Road Captain is: Richard Meikle.

Our Hawkes Bay Liaison is: Steve Macpherson.

Our Prayer Co-ordinator is: Di Nant.
Kia Ora and Hi to you all. My name is Di Nant and I love God, prayer, motorbikes and serving people. My mum taught me to pray from a very young age and, even before I had my own faith, I believe God was looking after me because my mum and others prayed. I have been a Christian for 35+ years. I believe prayer is an act of worship and moves the heart of God. I am married to Gary and have 7 children between us. We both love riding and, now our children have left home, we can become more active in our passions. CMA is an easy fit for me. I enjoy riding with purpose, fellowshipping with others, and ministering to and serving whoever God puts on our path. I believe prayer helps us to focus on our purpose and I am excited about seeing His kingdom come in the world (of motorbikes and beyond).

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