Statement of Belief

All CMA members adhere to this statement of belief.

  • I believe God to be the Creator of all things.
  • Jesus Christ is the only answer to every person’s needs.
  • Jesus Christ’s death for our sins and His resurrection are the basis of all Christian life.
  • The Holy Spirit is the source of power for Christian living.
  • The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are three persons yet one God.
  • The Bible is the authoritative Word of God in all circumstances of life.
  • I have turned away from the sins of my past life, confessed them to God and asked Him to forgive me for them.
  • I have committed my life to Jesus Christ and now acknowledge Him as my Lord and Saviour.
  • I will endeavour to remain faithful to the Gospel of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible and to the Aims of the Christian Motorcyclists Association.
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