CMA National Leadership

Our National President is Michael Romkes. (To contact: Use the “Contact Us” link above – Put “To the President” in the subject box.)
Michael comes to us from South Africa. He rode his first bike in 1986 and has been involved with CMA since 1993.  Upon making the decision to immigrate to New Zealand with his family, the CMA International Director sent him on his way with a mandate to set up CMA in New Zealand.  Only after two years of establishing himself and the family in Auckland did God then open the doors for CMA NZ to come into existence.  CMA NZ was officially opened in 2006. Michael has a real passion to offer Christian motorcyclists support to minister in the motorcycling community and to spread the Good News that Jesus Christ is the only Saviour to turn to.

Our National Secretary is Annalize Romkes.
Annalize (Michael’s wife) also has a long history with CMA, joining shortly after Michael, in 1994.  Annalize is a fervent prayer warrior for our team and joins us when ever possible in the car with their three children.  Occasionally when childcare is available she takes up the pillion seat behind her man.

Our National Treasurer is Stephen Matthews.
Stephen Matthews rides a BMW and is a born and bred Kiwi. He loves bikes and has a passion for the CMA ministry and the motorcycling community. Steve has been a member since 2010. He enjoys touring and the long road trips, and is always ready for the next rally where he believes that a missed event is a missed opportunity to share the gospel.

National Board Member: Richard Finlay
I joined CMA in 2006 after wanting to find a way to combine my faith and love for motorcycles. I’ve always been a sport bike rider and keep my riding skills up by doing battle with Auckland traffic each day for my commute. Since I joined CMA, I have been amazed by the ways in which God moves through the bikers we meet and the opportunities that He is always looking to engage us in. This is my second term on the national board as a general member and I am really excited by the growth that we are seeing in the Ministry.

National Board Member: Dirk Erasmus
I joined CMA-SA (South Africa) in 1990. I’d never owned a bike at that stage, nor ridden one. At the International Christian Motorcycle Convention (ICMC) – (CMA South Africa’s 10th Anniversary) that year I met people that love God and are crazy about bikes, like me! Immigrating to New Zealand in 2008 was hard, but by Gods grace and guidance we settled. In 2014 my wife and I bought ourselves new motorcycles and joined CMA-NZ. We started the CMA chapter in Christchurch and are looking forward to enjoying riding our motorcycles and serving our fellow bikers.

This team was brought together by a series of what can only be described as Divine Appointments.  We all were looking to serve God, we all had a passion for motorbikes, and one by one God set in place moments when our paths would cross, and we were willing to make an introduction of our selves to a fellow biker.  The ensuing conversations lead us to the formation of the CMA NZ ministry.  So may I encourage you – if you meet a fellow biker – always take the time to at least say hello and share a bit of your passion for motorcycling – you never know where God will help you direct that conversation!

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